Master Mason Scottish Rite Sash – Flaming Star & Acacia

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Master Mason Scottish Rite Sash – Flaming Star & Acacia

The Master Mason Scottish Rite Sash adorned with the Flaming Star and Acacia is a symbolic piece of Masonic regalia. The Flaming Star represents divine guidance and enlightenment, while the Acacia symbolizes immortality and purity. This ceremonial sash, worn by Master Masons within the Scottish Rite, signifies high rank and dedication to Masonic principles. Its intricate design and quality craftsmanship reflect the deep heritage and esteemed status of its wearer. This sash is an important accessory during Masonic rituals, embodying the values and traditions of the fraternity.

This high-quality Scottish Rite AASR Master Sash features a flaming star and acacia design, crafted with beautiful moire ribbon. It offers a complete color shade guarantee and excellent quality.


  • Width: 11 cm
  • Material: Moire Ribbon
  • Design: Flaming Star & Acacia


  • High-quality Scottish Rite AASR Master Sash
  • Beautiful moire ribbon
  • Complete color shade guarantee
  • Excellent quality

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    Richard Davis (verified owner)

    Highly recommended product.

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    Great item as described.

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    Perfect packaging.

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    Excellent experience overall.

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    Item exactly as pictured.

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    Excellent shipping speed.

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    Timely delivery.

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    Jane Morris (verified owner)

    Quality exceeded expectations.

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