Past Master Blue Lodge Apron – Navy Blue Velvet with Side Tabs & Gold Fringe

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Past Master Blue Lodge Apron – Navy Blue Velvet with Side Tabs & Gold Fringe

Elevate your Masonic regalia with our Past Master Blue Lodge Apron, featuring luxurious navy blue velvet and exquisite gold fringe with side tabs. This apron is meticulously crafted for Past Masters, combining tradition and elegance.

Key Features of Past Master Blue Lodge Apron

  • Masonic Grand Lodge PAST MASTER Apron: Exclusively designed for Past Masters with flap (bib).
  • Nicely Hand Embroidered: Detailed embroidery with golden bullion threads.
  • High-Quality Materials: White glossy satin with a blue chenille flap and fine polyester fabric lining.
  • Size: Measures 14 inches high by 16 inches wide (excluding fringe).
  • Chenille Border: Blue chenille border with golden metallic braid, 2.5 inches wide.
  • Golden Metallic Fringe: 1.5-inch wide golden metallic fringe around the apron and flap.
  • Side Tabs: Blue side tabs with fringe tassels.
  • Adjustable Belt: 40-inch long blue polyester belt with golden snake fastener and adjuster.

Past Master Blue Lodge Apron


  • Material: Navy blue velvet, glossy satin, blue chenille, polyester
  • Embroidery: Hand embroidered with golden bullion threads
  • Belt Length: 40 inches (adjustable up to 54 inches)
  • Additional Features: Rear pocket, fine polyester lining, gold fringe and metallic braid

Why Choose Our Past Master Blue Lodge Apron?

Our Masonic aprons are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a distinguished appearance for Past Masters and Grand Lodge members. With high-quality materials and exquisite embroidery, these aprons are symbols of honor and tradition.

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