LOCOP PHA Chain Collar – Gold Plated on Black Velvet

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LOCOP PHA Chain Collar – Gold Plated on Black Velvet

The LOCOP PHA Chain Collar, featuring a gold-plated finish on black velvet, is a distinguished symbol of leadership and unity within the organization. Worn by members of the LOCOP PHA, this collar signifies their commitment to fraternity, honor, and service. The gold-plated design adds an element of elegance and prestige, while the black velvet backing symbolizes strength, resilience, and dedication to the organization’s principles. Adorned with symbolic insignia, this chain collar embodies the rich heritage and noble values of the LOCOP PHA. Worn during official ceremonies and gatherings, it represents the leadership and dedication of its wearer to the esteemed traditions of the organization.

The LOCOP PHA Chain Collar features a stunning combination of gold plating and black velvet backing. Designed for the Ladies of the Circle of Perfection, this prestigious piece of Masonic regalia is of excellent quality.


  • Gold Plated
  • Black Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality


  • Material: Gold Plating, Black Velvet
  • Designed for: Ladies of the Circle of Perfection

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