Daughters of Sphinx Chain Collar – Sphinx Head Gold Plated

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Daughters of Sphinx Chain Collar – Sphinx Head Gold Plated

The Daughters of Sphinx Chain Collar, featuring a Sphinx Head in gold-plated finish, is a revered symbol of unity and leadership within the organization. Worn by members of the Daughters of Sphinx, this chain collar signifies their dedication to fellowship, sisterhood, and empowerment. The gold-plated Sphinx Head represents wisdom, mystery, and strength, reflecting the values upheld by the organization. Adorned with symbolic insignia, this chain collar embodies the rich heritage and noble principles of the Daughters of Sphinx. Worn during official ceremonies and gatherings, it symbolizes the leadership and commitment of its wearer to the esteemed traditions of the organization.

The Daughters of Sphinx Chain Collar features a Sphinx Head that is gold plated and set on maroon velvet backing. This prestigious piece of Masonic regalia boasts excellent quality and a striking design that makes it a standout addition to any collection.


  • Gold Plated
  • Maroon Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality


  • Material: Gold Plating, Maroon Velvet

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