17th Degree Scottish Rite Sash – 2 Pieces White & Black

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17th Degree Scottish Rite Sash – 2 Pieces White & Black

The 17th Degree Scottish Rite Sash, featuring two pieces in white and black, is a significant and symbolic piece of Masonic regalia. The white section represents purity and light, while the black section symbolizes wisdom and the mysteries of the unknown. This dual-colored sash is worn by members who have attained the 17th Degree, signifying their advanced knowledge and commitment within the Scottish Rite. Its distinct design and meaningful colors make it an important accessory during Masonic rituals and ceremonies, honoring the traditions and values of the fraternity.

This high-quality Scottish Rite AASR 17th Degree Sash features two pieces, a white ribbon and a black ribbon, representing the rank of Knight of the East and West. The sash is crafted with a width of 10 cm, ensuring excellent quality and symbolic representation.


  • Material: White and Black Ribbon
  • Width: 10 cm
  • Design: 2 pieces


  • High-quality Scottish Rite AASR 17th Degree Sash
  • White and black ribbon
  • Width of the ribbon: 10 cm
  • Represents the Knight of the East and West

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